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We're a traditional
barbershop with old school flair and genuine care.


Edison "El Jefe" Vargas

Edison is the proud proprietor of Mi Hermano Barbershop.

He has a B.A. in Mathematics for Commerce and worked 10 years within many sectors of the construction project management field before discovering his true passion.

In his pursuit to master the art of barbering, Edison converted his living room to a small barber station. He needed heads to cut so he started off by offering 10¢ haircuts in his local community. 

After cutting at home for several months, Edison then apprenticed at a barbershop in Kensington Market to fine tune his scissor and fading techniques. In 2014, Edison brought his barbering skills back to the Junction and joined the team at Rod, Gun & Barbers. He spent a solid year at RG&B, where he gained the confidence to venture off on his own. 

Mi Hermano Barbershop was established by shear passion in the fall of 2015. Edison will take care of you like a Brother and you can trust him like Mi Hermano.

Edison's H-factor is HUNGRY, he is hungry for life, hungry to thrive and food is his fuel.


Neil "Big Red" Quinn

Neil Quinn arrived in Toronto in October 2016 straight outta Tipperary, Ireland and is now the co-owner of Mi Hermano Barbershop-Hallam St. 

He is a qualified mechanic who gave up engine oils for hair grease.

After dedicating over 3 years to the barber industry he received his ITEC Level 3 barber qualifications in 2015. Big Red brings that Irish charm to the shop and executes every cut and shave with precision and genuine care. You may not always understand his thick accent but he will definitely put in the time and effort to understand your hair. Big Red is the first one in the shop and always ensures the shop is neat before he leaves.

Neil's H-factor is HANDSOME, he will always extend a HAND and then SOME.


Matt "Happy Daze" Ralph

Matt Ralph arrived in Toronto February 2018, he is originally from Tipperary but lived in Dublin for the past 10 years. 

Matt is a seasoned professional, who has dedicated 10 solid years as a barber and men's hair stylist. Matt's credentials include extensive training programs in both salons and barbershops across Ireland. Matt brings passion and purpose to the art of barbering and we are proud to add more Irish flare to the shop. Nothing will phase Mr. Happy Daze and he is on a mission to explore all of Toronto. 

Matt's H-factor is HAPPY, he will ensure you leave the shop looking sharp with a fresh smile.


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Harbord St.

293A Harbord St., Toronto, ON | (647) 748-6266
Mon-Fri: 11AM - 7PM | Sat: 10AM - 6PM


Hallam St.

116 Hallam St., Toronto, ON | (647) 679-4790
Tues-Fri: 11AM - 7PM | Sat: 10AM - 6PM



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 19 Fifties | Men's Grooming

19 Fifties | Men's Grooming

 Big Red Beard Combs

Big Red Beard Combs



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